Monday, August 3, 2015

Boys and Girls Club

A few months ago we got a chance to meet Sarah Neace. Sarah is the program director for the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne. It is through Sarah that we got to meet the awesome kids that attend Boys and Girls club and give them books to take home with them. The best part was getting to see the excitement on their faces when the got to pick out a book to take home. So far we have been able to give these kids close to 500 books.


We can't wait to go back!

Where do the books go?

This program was started because of a challenge on a site called This is a site that challenges teens to do something to make a difference in their communities. After seeing a challenge about setting up a bookshelf for needy children my sixteen year old daughter started thinking about where she could set up a bookshelf to make the most impact.

After talking to our friends at Community Harvest, we were told that our local Rotary Club had wanted to set up a bookshelf there but they had no one to take charge of keeping the shelf filled. That is where we come in. We take between 100-150 to Community Harvest to stock the shelves. The employees there make sure that parents with young children know that their children can grab a free book before they leave.

This part of the program would not be possible if not for the help of all the amazing employees and volunteers that work the register at Community Harvest. They make sure that our books get into the hands of the kids who visit the food bank. Thank you!

Getting Started

We have been so blessed to have met so many generous people that helped us get the program off the ground! We owe a special thanks to Krista at Kate's Kart. Krista gives new books to children at local hospitals. Since she is dealing with sick kids she needs to make sure that all the books she donates are germ-free. Once in a while she gets books that are not brand new and she was generous enough to pass some of those books on to us.

Another big thank you goes out to the Garrett Public Library. They have donated over 500 children's books after the renovation of their library last year. This was just our latest trip!

We also need to thank Pathway Community Church and Betsy Beers. We were fortunate to receive over 300 unsold books after their yearly garage sale.

Without all these generous people and so many more we would have never been able to get the program off the ground.